The Magic Of Carpet

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For the basics of life, sofas, dining tables, dining chairs, beds and other items directly related to

daily life are essential, but one more or less carpet does not make a big difference to our lives.

There is no need to buy a carpet that needs to be taken care of if you don’t have much desire for

beauty in your life. But if you have high requirements for the appearance level and quality of life

of your home, then the right carpet is like a quilt to make you feel different warmth.

Today, we will analyze the reason why carpet exists in the space and how to use it correctly.


Can use different colors, patterns, textures, area of the carpet, to match the home style, the

impact of the decoration effect must be different, with the right has a strong decorative effect.

For example: solid color, geometric shape of the carpet, it is more suitable for northern Europe,


Flowers, scenery, etc., are more suitable for American, Chinese or mixed style homes.”

2.Sound absorption

Between the neighbors upstairs and downstairs, there will inevitably be noise effects. The sound

of rushing water can be muffled with soundinsulation cotton, sound-absorbing tubes, high heels

or the daily walking sound of running children, which needs to be muffled by carpet. The carpet

that is easy to take care of is short pile. Some long pile rugs are really insta-style, but they are

really troublesome to take care of.”


The elderly and children in the family are most afraid of accidentally falling, or the water cup and

other fragile items accidentally falling, but with the carpet, you can play a part of the buffer

protection. Heavy objects pushed and pulled directly on the floor are also easy to cause damage

to the floor, and the carpet can play a protective role.”

4.Keep warm

In winter, we sit on the ground or on the edge of the sofa, watching TV or playing games on our

mobile phones, but sitting directly on the floor is definitely unbearable, and our feet are also cold.

The protection of the carpet makes us feel better.

5.Brighten up your space

If the floor in the room is dark or not well lit, then choosing a light-colored carpet will increase

the reflection and refraction of light very effectively.

6.Color matching

If you want to choose a color combination in a space, then the floor can naturally become one of

the key links, you can determine the color proportion of the carpet according to the space size of

your home and the degree of lighting.7. Fill in the gaps

It’s not uncommon to encounter homes and decorations that are already in place, but the space

is still a little empty. Therefore, at this time, we may choose a carpet to fill the visual gap and

make the space more full.

Any place in the home can be covered with a piece of your favorite carpet, the carpet is also

divided into a lot of materials, a nice and comfortable carpet, is indeed a enhance the overall

texture of the home objects.

Do you know the role of carpets?

Go and buy a carpet that fits your home.”

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