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A Team of Full-service Reliable Carpet Professionals for Home and Office Needs.

Orient Sanda focus on the production, research , design, development and strict quality control. The Products covers home carpet, hotel carpet, commercial office carpet and carpet tiles,We are one of the leading manufacturers since 2008 and high comprehensive strength
ranks the forefront of the carpet industry .60+ tufting machines including wilton, axminster,nylon printed and and backing machines are available.We committed to establishing mutual communication and comprehensive cooperation with suppliers, dealers, and end customers to achieve long-term, stable, and mutually beneficial strategic development goals.

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Advanced quipment

Introduced advanced tufting equipment from the United States and Japan, including CMC, Nakagawa and Doshita. The industry’s first fully servo high-precision jacquard tufting machine, fully automatic high-speed yarn processing equipment imported from Belgium.

Yarn Craft

International high-end imported yarns, such as Universal from the United States, Beaulieu from Belgium and Eiffel from Italy, can all be added with various special process requirements, and the solution dyeing method is used to ensure longer lasting use.

R&D design

Stick to original design. Foreign customers respect originality and are ahead of domestic counterparts, becoming a banner in the high-end carpet market and the first goal pursued by many high-quality project people.


The product quality is related to the survival of enterprises.The company has acomprehensive quality control assurance system, the international advanced testing instruments and accurate assay analysis,to provide quality control provide a strong guarantee and the guarantee of the quality assurance for 10 years.

qualitative materials

Buy off the protected yarn

America Universal fiber, Belgium Beaulieu ,Sitong fiber ,New zealand wool.

Health and environmental protection glue

America Celanese glue, America 3M glue

Adequate stock, custom accepted

China carpet factory, accept all kinds of custom products, and have ample inventory to meet your various needs.

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