Chinese High End Best Carpet Manufacturer Carpet Direct Sale

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After years of development, our company has become a large-scale professional carpet manufacturer integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service.
We have received many rave reviews for providing the best carpet brands to our customers around the world.
Types of carpets we operate: Our company directly sells tufted carpets, Axminster woven carpets, wool printed carpets, handmade carpets, and commercial carpet tiles for office buildings.
The carpet surface is flat and bright, the carpet surface is smooth and stable without blistering, the horizontal pattern is consistent, the pattern splicing is accurate, the special wool ratio ensures good appearance retention.
The pattern is clear, the layers are distinct, the color is bright, the three-dimensional effect is strong, the anti-fouling and anti-static properties are good, the back is waterproof, and the special gluing process does not degumming or blistering.
If you are looking for custom carpet design manufacturer, please communicate with us in time, I believe we will provide you with top quality carpet


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