How To Choose Office Commercial Use Carpet Tiles?

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The following factors should be considered when choosing Office Commercial Use Carpet Tiles:

1. Functionality: Carpet materials should be wear-resistant, non-slip, and easy to clean to adapt to high-frequency use in the office. High-quality carpet materials are generally made of nylon, polyester fiber or wool, which have good durability and stain resistance.
2. Style and design: Choosing a carpet that matches the overall decoration style of the office can enhance the overall aesthetics and professionalism of the office.
3. Sound absorption performance: Carpets can reduce the transmission of noise to a certain extent and play a positive role in improving the comfort of the office working environment. Therefore, choosing a carpet with good sound absorption properties can effectively reduce the noise caused by walking and activities.
4. Healthy and environmentally friendly: High-quality carpets should comply with relevant environmental standards, contain no harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, and be effective in antibacterial and mildew prevention. These factors are critical to employee health and office air quality.

In addition to the above factors, actual conditions such as the price of the carpet and the convenience of construction and installation also need to be considered. Oriental Sanda can provide you with specific recommendations so you can choose based on your needs and budget.

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