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1.Product Details

Excellent Effect and Modern Design

1. CAD file with custom design.

2. Various pattern and rich colors.

3. Top-grade technology to meet different needs.

2.Product Description

Axminster Carpets has been synonymous with carpet . Our high quality carpets can be found in royal palaces, the best hotels, sports stadiums and private houses.

3.Product Feature

Wilton Features

♦ Advanced weave Axminster and Wilton technology.
♦ Top quality 100%wool, polypropylene, wool and nylon bleed, wool and polyester bleed fiber material.
♦ Excellent colors make sure of the style of carpet’s design will be fashionable.
♦ Natural features: Anti-static, Anti-flammability.
♦ Additional treatment: Anti Bacteria Protection, Anti Stain Finish.
♦ Heavy contact use, it is the best choice for high quality hotel,casino,restaurants, corridors, ballrooms, bars and cafes and public area and etc.
♦ Customized designs to meet different clients.

Axminster Features

♦Suitable for producing high-grade cut pile wool carpets.
♦In the pattern design of carpets, there are few restrictions on the number of patterns and colors. The parquet effect is better than other woven blankets. Pattern design is flexible.
♦The utilization rate of velvet yarn is high, and there is no blanket back sinking yarn.
♦Able to use raw materials of different fineness, twist and material.
♦Changing and scheduling carpet production varieties is convenient and simple.

Printing Features

♦Patterns and colors are not limited, and pattern design is flexible.
♦Cheap prices and many patterns.
♦Quick customization, low minimum order quantity, low inventory pressure, and short construction period.
♦Mostly used in commercial places, such as hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, clubs, KTV and other places.

Axminster Factory Shop Outlet Cheap Plain Axminster Carpet

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