Jacquard nylon carpet tiles

1.Product Details

Peel and stick carpet tiles cover more area in less time than smaller tiles, making them an economical way to quickly and easily add comfort and beauty to larger spaces. Featuring attractive colors, strong adhesive backing, and resilient construction, these medium-duty tiles are engineered to deliver year-round comfort, lasting beauty, and remarkable durability indoors and out. Eco-friendly 100% PET fiber construction is solution-dyed so carpet color is locked in while stains are locked out. Tiles can be cut to fit and installed over most surfaces including concrete, tile, and low-pile carpet. Perfect for basements, mud rooms, pet areas, garages, balconies, patios, poolsides, sunrooms, porches, outdoor kitchens and more.
  • Natural Touch fiber – 100% PET fiber made from purified recycled bottles
  • 5-year warranty: Dura-Lock fiber locking system binds fiber strands together, creating a lightweight and incredibly resilient surface guaranteed to not fray, zipper or unravel even when cut to fit
  • Stain resistant: Natural Touch construction is solution dyed so carpet color is locked in while stains are locked out
  • Pet friendly: tiles are waterproof so they can be rinsed off and are even unaffected by bleach making them the perfect solution to add an attractive, easy to clean soft surface to any area pets spend time in
  • UV-resistant: perfect for use outdoors, even in direct sunlight
  • Kid proof, pet proof, waterproof: sweep, vacuum, or spot clean with water and a mild detergent to clean
  • Incredibly easy to install: simply peel-and-stick and cut-to-fit with no additional adhesive required
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive allows tiles to be repositioned if needed and then locks the tiles into place, preventing unwanted lifting or shifting
  • If a tile happens to become damaged, simply remove and replace the damaged tile
  • Dura-Lock fiber locking system eliminates the need for heavy backing, which can trap water
  • Latex and VOC free
  • 24 in. x 24 in. square tiles; 15 tiles/60 sq. ft. per case
  • Perfect for eliminating slip hazards year-round where wet or icy conditions may occur
  • Add a cool surface to hot decks, concrete, or brick areas that can burn feet in direct sunlight
  • Because there is no heavy backing to trap moisture, the carpet tiles naturally breathe, resisting mold and mildew
  • Perfect for application over wooden decks, basements and concrete areas where moisture can be a problem
  • Mix and match colors to create a unique look that is all your own
  • Patterns are not intended to align exactly from tile to tile – for a finished look, rotate every other tile 1/4 turn

2.Product Description

3.Product Feature

Polypropylene carpet

1.Material characteristics: light weight, good elasticity, rich raw materials, heat-resistant, sun-resistant, mildew-proof, and moth-proof, the carpet surface is relatively fluffy, and the yin and yang sides are prominent. Polypropylene rugs are highly resistant to stains and moisture, are inherently antistatic, and because they are solution dyed, they can withstand commercial cleaners without loss of color or appearance.

Unlike other types of fibers, polypropylene does not absorb water, which gives it two main benefits:

It must be solution dyed, which is the process of adding color to the fiber as it is formed, making the color an inherent part of the fiber and cannot be removed from the fiber. Therefore, the color will not fade even when exposed to strong sunlight, bleach, atmospheric pollutants, or other harsh chemicals or elements. This dyeing process also means it’s suitable for a variety of styles and designs. It is easy to clean and retains its color when harsh cleaning chemicals are used. It is ideal for installations where mold may be an issue, such as basements.

2.Color: The colors are fixed and each set of colors is different.

3.Touch: It has good recovery performance and is not easy to deform.

4.Matching suggestions: household, commercial, home stores, etc., high quality and low price.

Nylon carpet

1.Material characteristics: Nylon is extracted from petroleum residues and spun into yarn after scientific treatment. It has a wide range of uses and has a variety of properties, including heat resistance, sun resistance, mildew resistance, moth resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and antistatic , fireproof. Nylon is a popular choice for carpet fibers, primarily due to its durability, yarn elasticity, and the fact that it is relatively easy to maintain.

Durability is a key performance feature of nylon carpet. Nylon is a very strong fiber, so it is very resistant to wear and heavy tread. Yarn filaments resist breakage due to excellent fiber toughness and abrasion resistance. It is also highly elastic and has very good texture retention to maintain its original appearance.

In summary, nylon carpets have many product advantages:

They are strong and durable with excellent resistance to abrasion, pressure, abrasion, insects, mold, rot and a wide range of chemicals. Easy to maintain and can be solution dyed to maintain appearance. Durable, versatile styling pose

2.Color: rich in color, easy to color and resistant to fading, easy to customize the color you want, any pattern and color can be made, currently the most widely used carpet material.

3.Touch: The surface is relatively soft and smooth, and has good light resistance. The carpet surface is smooth and the granular shape is uniform.

4.Matching suggestions: live broadcast rooms, commercial engineering clubs, hotel rooms, etc.

Jacquard nylon carpet tiles

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