Buyer Example Showcase : Carpet Installation and Replacement

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Carpet tile installation series 1: The first step is to sprinkle environmentally friendly water-based glue. Nowadays, most carpet tiles use glue pouring (also called glue dispensing) process, because the carpet tiles do not need to be glued very firmly, and the main purpose is to prevent sliding. The carpet itself is stable and can be removed separately for cleaning and replacement. However, low-quality carpets may have problems and need to be firmly adhered.
Carpet tile installation series 2: After applying glue, you can install it on a large area. Carpet tiles are available in single color, directional textures, non-directional textures, etc. Generally, they are installed horizontally and vertically by default, just like in the video. The method is the same. This is because on the one hand, it has a three-dimensional effect, on the other hand, it avoids the problem of straight-laying soft textiles that are difficult to straighten, and it also has a certain restraint on thermal expansion and contraction.

Carpet Installation and Replacement From Carpet Tiles Manufacturers In China


Before installation, keep the ground clean, dry and flat. Do not sand the cement floor. If the cement floor is uneven, use putty to smooth it.


After spraying the glue, wait for the moisture in the glue to evaporate, until the glue is transparent before laying the carpet, the waiting time is about 15-40 minutes.


You can use a knife to cut when laying the corners, and you need to add the loss when purchasing.


After laying, the remainder can be left for later use.

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