March 6, 2024

How to choose a carpet? How do I know what carpet is best?

1. Carpet with cut pile surface

Compared to loop pile carpets, cut pile carpets are indeed softer and more comfortable, making them ideal for use as wall-to-wall carpets in bedrooms.
However, except for low-density plush carpets, all cut-pile carpets are prone to indentations, and if the furniture is particularly heavy or pressed for a long time, such indentations are difficult to deal with.
Therefore, carpets for placing furniture with legs must be chosen carefully, such as dining room carpets and living room carpets.
In comparison, loop pile carpets are less prone to dents and have better resilience. Those who mind dents can choose loop pile carpets.
2. Single customized printed carpet

The cost-effectiveness of single-piece customization of woven printed carpets is indeed very high. There is no minimum order quantity requirement and there are no big restrictions on the pattern and color of the carpet.
Many hotel carpets in China are printed carpets, and some home decoration designers will also choose printed carpets to match soft furnishings, which are very suitable for customizing patterns of general-sized household rugs.
However, because this kind of carpet prints patterns on a white carpet, it is limited by factors such as the printing machine, the thickness and density of the carpet yarn, the carpet surface structure, and the pile shape. Some carpets may have yarns that are not dark enough. situation, causing the bottom of the yarn to appear white; or large-size plain carpet customization to have scattered spots or color strips.
Another common problem is that the large particle loop pile blanket is not suitable for too delicate patterns, different colors appear on the same loop, or the patterns printed on the lower density blanket will look different after being stepped on or fiddled with the surface yarns. Colored yarns tip over each other, causing the pattern to have uneven color borders.
Therefore, sisters who are crazy about pursuing details should choose carefully.
3. Mottled carpet

Due to printing, dyeing and light reasons, the cross-section and surface of the carpet yarn will show slight color differences. After use, the degree and direction of the yarn on the surface of the carpet will be inconsistent, and it will appear mottled visually. This effect almost exists It is particularly noticeable on any cut-pile carpet, especially on plain carpets.
If the yarn material has not been polished, or the carpet itself is made of silk, bamboo fiber, bright yarn nylon and other materials with a mercerized feel, the mottled feeling of the inverted wool will be more obvious.
This mottled feeling is like coriander. People who love it can’t stop it, and people who hate it feel sick in their hearts after looking at it.
The order of strength of the mottled feeling of the same material is: cut pile straight yarn carpet surface > cut pile elbow yarn carpet surface > loop pile carpet surface

Buyer Example Showcase : Carpet Installation and Replacement

Carpet tile installation series 1: The first step is to sprinkle environmentally friendly water-based glue. Nowadays, most carpet tiles use glue pouring (also called glue dispensing) process, because the carpet tiles do not need to be glued very firmly, and the main purpose is to prevent sliding. The carpet itself is stable and can be removed separately for cleaning and replacement. However, low-quality carpets may have problems and need to be firmly adhered.
Carpet tile installation series 2: After applying glue, you can install it on a large area. Carpet tiles are available in single color, directional textures, non-directional textures, etc. Generally, they are installed horizontally and vertically by default, just like in the video. The method is the same. This is because on the one hand, it has a three-dimensional effect, on the other hand, it avoids the problem of straight-laying soft textiles that are difficult to straighten, and it also has a certain restraint on thermal expansion and contraction.

Carpet Installation and Replacement From Carpet Tiles Manufacturers In China


Before installation, keep the ground clean, dry and flat. Do not sand the cement floor. If the cement floor is uneven, use putty to smooth it.


After spraying the glue, wait for the moisture in the glue to evaporate, until the glue is transparent before laying the carpet, the waiting time is about 15-40 minutes.


You can use a knife to cut when laying the corners, and you need to add the loss when purchasing.


After laying, the remainder can be left for later use.

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