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Office building carpet tiles, freely spliced, flame retardant and soundproof💥
✅The bottom of the carpet tiles is made of environmentally friendly PVC material, which is moisture-proof and fire-proof, and has high elastic anti-slip properties, which can achieve a high degree of fit with the ground without sliding🙌

✅The carpet surface is made of high-precision polypropylene and is woven using a porous spinning machine. The high-precision carpet surface greatly increases the sound insulation effect and brings a comfortable walking experience🦶At the same time, it has good flame retardant properties and can prevent accidental flames from spreading. High The wear-resistant index carpet surface is very suitable for places like offices where many people come and go🖨
✅Free DIY splicing, a variety of colors can be matched as you like, allowing you to feel the charm of DIY decoration🌟This long carpet has a variety of combination methods, it can be spliced in a straight line or herringbone, and can easily adapt to a variety of house types to create different The office area style, clean texture and layering make the entire office atmosphere more fresh and comfortable♻️
✅Installation method: The installation of carpet tiles is also very simple and easy to use. Various installation methods can be used flexibly. Patches, double-sided tape and environmentally friendly glue are available.
✅Applicable floors: ceramic tile floors, cement floors, wooden floors👉As long as it is a flat floor or a floor with a small height difference, this kind of carpet tile can be installed💯
✅If you want to change the style of your office and make the office atmosphere more comfortable and warm, office square carpets will be a good choice. If you have any ideas, please contact us👀

Chinese High End Best Carpet Manufacturer Carpet Direct Sale

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The carpet surface is flat and bright, the carpet surface is smooth and stable without blistering, the horizontal pattern is consistent, the pattern splicing is accurate, the special wool ratio ensures good appearance retention.
The pattern is clear, the layers are distinct, the color is bright, the three-dimensional effect is strong, the anti-fouling and anti-static properties are good, the back is waterproof, and the special gluing process does not degumming or blistering.
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Factory Direct Carpet : Commercial Carpet Tile At Low Prices

♦️Material Introduction|INTRODUCTION
Carpet tiles, also called carpet tiles, are a type of carpet classified according to the laying method and shape specifications of the carpet.

♦️Material properties and characteristics|PERFORMANCE&CHARACTER
Carpet tile is a form of floor material. It is a soft paving material with good anti-slip and softness.
The large size reduces the small size for easy storage, loading and unloading, transportation and paving. Use small pieces to make big ones, and through creative combinations of different colors, patterns, and textures, patterns can be combined at will.
Update as needed anytime, anywhere, easy to maintain, clean and replace. For partially worn and dirty carpet tiles, just take them out one by one and replace or clean them.
It has significant moisture-proof performance, good flame retardant, antistatic properties and excellent dimensional stability and appearance retention.

♦️Product technology and classification|TECHNIC&CATEGORY
Carpet tiles are mainly divided into two types: polypropylene and nylon according to the material.
According to the technology, it is divided into polypropylene plain, polypropylene jacquard, nylon plain, nylon jacquard, etc.
According to the carpet backing, it is divided into asphalt bottom, PVC bottom, soft bottom, etc.
Soft-bottom carpet tiles have the characteristics of good elasticity, good foot feel, good sound and heat insulation effect, and are environmentally friendly.

♦️Common parameters|COMMON PARAMETERS
Fire performance: B1 level
Wear resistance: general professional use level (wear resistance 5,000 times)
Carpet tile weight: 3~ 6kg/m²
Carpet square specifications and sizes: generally 50cmx 50cm or 60cmx 60cm
The pile weight of square carpets is mostly 475~814g/m²
♦️Key points for construction and installation|KCONSTRUCTION INTRO
Square carpet paving has higher requirements for the base floor. The ground must be smooth and clean, with a moisture content of ≤8%. The gap from the bottom edge of the skirting board to the ground should be 2~3mm larger than the thickness of the carpet.
The ground requires a higher level of flatness
Choose a starting point. Develop a laying plan according to the space, and calculate it so that the last piece of carpet from the paving to the surrounding walls is guaranteed to have a certain width.
Pay attention to directionality. There are arrows printed on the back of each carpet, reflecting the same direction of tufting on the carpet surface. When laying, pay attention to follow the arrows to maintain the consistency of the direction, because even if the carpets are of the same color number and the same batch, only the laying direction is exactly the same. There will be no visual color difference
The blocks are tight. If the ground is flat and the four pieces at the starting point of paving intersect at one point, then any four pieces continued to be paved at the end should intersect at one point.
Profile cutting. Properly cut according to the shape of the wall and pillars to achieve a tight fit.
Fixing of open sides. When laying to doorways or other open edges, use carpet edge strips to close the ends.

Nylon Printed Five Star Hotel Carpet Moquette Wall To Wall Carpet For High-End Dining Room

Customer Custom Carpet Real Case:Nylon Printed Hotel Wall To Wall Carpet

Customer buying demand:

The best modern cheap patterned wall to wall carpet, need fireproof certificate; and intense heavy traffic certificate; and stainproof. We provided the customer with the required certificate and offered him the best wall to wall carpet prices and the order was completed.

Product parameters are as follows:

10 mm thickness,nylon,1400 denisity,4 meters width,wall to wall carpet for 5 star hotel,heavy traffic resistance and fire resistance

Its all fire resistant,Heavy traffic resistant,High quality,High quality paint (the color doesnt fade when washing)

The wall to wall carpets for sale are as follows:

Product delivery picture:


What Is A Carpet Tile?

1. Basics of Carpet Tiles:

Carpet Tiles are commonly used in office spaces. The first 50x50cm carpet tiles appeared in the Netherlands in 1957. In 1960, American companies LEES and Armstrong started developing “adhesive” Carpet Tiles. Subsequently, Interface and European company Hega began producing “needle-punched” Carpet Tiles, leading to the development of “loop pile” structured Carpet Tiles.

The term “carpet tiles,” also known as “modular carpet,” refers to carpets formed by assembling differently shaped blocks of carpet together. Compared to traditional wall-to-wall carpets, modular carpets are easier to transport and replace, allowing for more flexible color and pattern combinations during installation.

2. Classification and Characteristics of Carpet Tiles:
In terms of material and production process classification:

Based on surface technology: loop pile Carpet Tiles, printed Carpet Tiles, electrostatic flocked Carpet Tiles, PVC woven carpets, needle-punched carpets.
Based on surface material: Nylon (Nylon 6, Nylon 6.6), Polypropylene (PP), Polyester fibers (PET, PTT from corn fiber), natural fibers, blends.
Based on backing technology: coated plastic (PVC), asphalt, PE, composite backing, foam backing, extrusion, adhesive bonding.
Based on backing material: PVC, asphalt, PU, PE, rubber, magnetic, other plastics.
3. Common Carpet Sizes:

50cm * 50cm
50cm * 100cm
100cm * 100cm
25cm * 100cm
60cm * 60cm
60.96cm * 60.96cm (24in * 24in)
91.44cm * 91.44cm (36in * 36in)
18in * 36in (45.72cm * 91.44cm)
12in * 36in (30.48cm * 91.44cm)
Large hexagon (side length 36.3cm)
Small hexagon (side length 25cm)
Trapezoid (cut from a large hexagon)
Triangle (base 50cm, waist 35.4cm)

Basics of Carpet Tiles

1. Introduction and Application of Carpet Tiles:
As the name suggests, Carpet Tiles are carpets with a regular, specific square shape and size. Nowadays, Carpet Tiles are widely used in various areas with high foot traffic, such as chairman’s offices, manager’s offices, VIP reception rooms, conference rooms, hallways, malls, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and exhibition halls.

2. Classification of Carpet Tiles:
Based on patterns, Carpet Tiles can be divided into patterned Carpet Tiles and solid-colored Carpet Tiles. From the surface material, they can be categorized as nylon Carpet Tiles and polypropylene Carpet Tiles. According to the backing material, there are soft-backed Carpet Tiles, PVC-backed Carpet Tiles, and asphalt-backed Carpet Tiles.

3. Characteristics of Various carpet tiles Materials:

Nylon Carpet Tiles are relatively soft with good resilience, suitable for areas with dense foot traffic. After cleaning, the carpet surface looks new, and their lifespan is about five to ten years. Some can pass B1-level fire resistance tests. For instance, many colleagues have used Yorkshire nylon Carpet Tiles for four years, and they are still in good condition. On the other hand, polypropylene carpets have weaker resilience, might feel rough to the touch, are less absorbent, and have a shorter usage period of three to five years. They are cheaper compared to nylon carpets and come in a wide variety of patterns, suitable for clients who require frequent replacements.

4. Installation Methods of Carpet Tiles:
One method is adhesive-free installation, which is strong and cost-effective but not environmentally friendly and less transportable. Another method involves water-based adhesive installation, which is eco-friendly but more costly, with moderate strength and less convenient adhesive transportation. The third method is adhesive-backed installation, which is environmentally friendly and odorless, as well as convenient for transportation. Each installation method has its own drawbacks.

5. How to Judge the Quality of Carpet Tiles:
The pile weight of Carpet Tiles is usually around 500-900 grams per square meter. Higher density and thicker pile result in higher weight. However, visual inspection can sometimes be misleading as carpets with the same pile weight can still vary in quality.

6. Characteristics of Carpet Tiles:

50×50 Carpet Tiles are easy to install and have minimal wastage. In corners, one square can be cut to fit, unlike full carpets which can be harder to adjust and can result in wastage.
The fiber construction of the carpet surface offers noise reduction and energy-saving properties, improving efficiency.
Easy replacement and convenient transportation. Dirty squares can be replaced individually, saving money compared to replacing the entire carpet.
The benefits of Carpet Tiles include decoration, sound absorption, sound insulation, safety, dust prevention, and thermal insulation.

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