How Should I Choose Between Carpet Tiles Or Wall-To-Wall Carpet?

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When choosing commercial carpet, one of the first decisions you need to make is whether to use wall-to-wall carpeting (also known as broadloom carpeting) or whether to use carpet tiles. There is no single answer, the nature of your project will determine which one to choose.

Known for their plush texture and luxurious, seamless appearance, wall-to-wall carpeting is an excellent choice for high-end projects. Carpet tiles are quick and easy to install, saving a lot of time and money while still providing design versatility.


We can compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two with each other before considering how to choose.

What is wall-to-wall carpeting?
Wall-to-wall carpets get their name from the way they are made—in large, wide rolls. Generally speaking, wall-to-wall carpeting is designed to cover a given space with one or several rugs. However, as the name implies, wall-to-wall rugs do not need to cover the entire room or space. It can also be easily included within a specific space, integrating with other carpet or flooring types.

Advantages of using wall-to-wall carpeting
Because of their seamless finish, wall-to-wall carpeting offers a high degree of design freedom because the pattern is not interrupted by fabric breaks. This gives the appearance of a large pattern.

In addition to this, wall-to-wall carpets tend to have the widest range of carpet qualities – varying in fiber type, construction and price – and have the greatest selection of carpet backings – with many different materials available, With different performance. Acoustic properties, comfort and price. This versatility means you can find a wall-to-wall rug to fit the needs of almost any project.

Disadvantages of using wall-to-wall carpeting
Installing wall-to-wall carpeting is more laborious, time-consuming, and creates more waste than installing carpet tiles. This adds additional cost. However, there are ways to reduce costs during installation so that the total cost is similar to certain qualities of carpet tiles.

When should you use wall-to-wall carpeting?
Wall-to-wall carpets are ideal for high-end projects, large spaces and large-scale patterns, making them an excellent choice for hospitality venues.

When perfect design is combined with ideal underfoot feel, it can create an ambience that no other rug type can match. For projects on a tight budget, relying solely on wall-to-wall carpeting may not be an option. Wall-to-wall carpeting can be used in visible, more extensive spaces and in less common spaces.

What are commercial carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are small area rugs made from broadloom carpet that can be seamlessly fastened directly to your subfloor in a variety of creative ways for different patterns and effects.

Carpet tiles, also known as “carpet tiles”, tend to come in various square sizes, such as 25×100, 48×48, 50×50, 60×60 and 96×96 cm, as well as hexagonal carpet tiles.

Advantages of carpet tiles
First and foremost, carpet tiles are a great choice because they tend to be less expensive. This includes both the upfront cost and the total cost, as carpet tiles are faster and easier to install and produce less waste, which can lead to significant cost savings.

Another major advantage of carpet tiles is that they can be easily removed, allowing access to under-floor wiring – a major asset in conference rooms and offices.

Their ease of disassembly also facilitates maintenance. If one or more of your rugs is too dirty, you can simply remove and clean or remove and replace. This is preferable to the intensive partial repair or complete replacement that a wall-to-wall carpet may require. Since carpet tiles are compact and easy to store, having extras for this purpose is very welcome.

Disadvantages of carpet tiles
While carpet tiles can achieve a beautiful end result, their main drawback is that they are not as stunning and do not have the same qualities as wall-to-wall carpeting. However, thanks to huge advances in technology, carpet tile design can come a long way.

When should I use carpet tiles?
Carpet tiles are a great choice for mid-range projects that need a stunning design but are on a budget. Carpet tiles are a very popular choice for offices because they provide easy access to cables underfoot. Since they are easier to maintain, they are also popular in dining establishments such as bistros or bars. For most projects, it’s a good idea to at least consider carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles and wall-to-wall carpets
Going with carpet tiles or wall-to-wall carpeting doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. We found that the best solution can be a combination of both. For example, you could use wall-to-wall carpeting in a seating area or a well-designed space, and carpet tiles in areas where practicality and savings are more important.

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