Top 10 Best Carpet Manufacturers in the World

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Carpet is one of the oldest inventions of man. It is used for decorative purposes. Carpet is made of two things. One is pure woven and the other one is synthetic. The main purpose of carpet is to adorn your bedroom, sofas, and other things. For centuries, the symbol of carpet means fortune. It is made in two ways. One is made with a machine and the other one is made with the help of a hand. The manufacturing of carpets is inheritance work.  It transfers from one generation to another and purifies the quality. In this way,  they become the most famous manufacturer in the world. A single worker can only work on a small scale. If you want to work at a large scale then a proper team is required.

In this blog, you will explore the top 10 best carpet manufacturers in the world. However, you can also look at the pros and cons of carpet. You will discover information about how to identify the quality carpet for your bedroom. You can read the most asked questions about carpet manufacturers.

List of Top 10 Best Carpet Manufacturers in the World

There are many manufacturers of carpets present in the market. But selecting the right one is difficult. Here is the list of top 10 best carpet manufacturers in the world. You can select any one.

1: Best Carpet Manufacturers: Orient Sanda

  • Founded Year: 2008
  • Professional Experience: 15 Years
  • Website Link:
  • Brand Country Name: China


Orient Sanda was built in 2008. It is an experienced manufacturer in the field of carpet. This manufacturer is from China. They also offer private customization.

Why should you choose this brand?

  • Orient Sanda focuses on production, research, design, development, and strict quality control.
  • Our products include carpet for the home, carpet for hotels, carpet tiles and carpets for commercial offices, ships and automobiles, and aviation carpet. We have been one of the top manufacturers in the industry since 2008.
  • There are 20+ tufting machines available, including wilton and axminster, nylon printed and backing machines.


  • Orient Sanda provides high quality products at competitive prices.
  • They use good material to produce carpet.
  • Orient Sanda provides satisfaction to the customer.
  • They always try to deal with customers. So, they want long term cooperation with customers.


  • Carpet tiles
  • Wall to wall carpet
  • Door Mat
  • Area rug
  • Artificial Grass
  • New Product

How can you contact this brand?

  • Email
  • Phone:+8616678971887

2: Best Carpet Manufacturers: Diamond Carpet

  • Founded Year: 1983
  • Professional Experience: 41 Years
  • Website Link:
  • Brand Country Name: China
  • Company Address: 28 Nongshi Road, Nongba Industrial Park, Dongbei Town,Wuxi ,China 214191


In 1983, Diamond carpet was built. His professional experience is good. China is the birthplace of this brand.

Why should you choose this brand?

  • Produce environmentally friendly carpets in collaboration with world-renowned suppliers.
  • Direct factory sale reduces sourcing costs.
  • One-stop service with customization accepted
  • Exporting for 8 years, and having customers in more than 30 countries on 5 continents.


  • Diamond carpets have a reputation for being extremely durable, which makes them an excellent flooring choice for areas with high traffic in commercial or residential spaces.
  • Diamond carpets add a touch sophistication to any space with their intricate patterns.
  • Diamond carpets can be treated to resist stains, making them easier for families with pets or children to maintain.


  • Carpet tile
  • Wall to wall carpet
  • Sisal carpet
  • Artificial grass
  • Hand make Carpet
  • RUG
  • Carpet accessories

How can you contact this brand?

  • Phone Number: 0086-510-82890779
  • Email:

3: Best Carpet Manufacturers: Yancheng Senfu Decorative Carpet Company Limited

  • Founded Year: 2006
  • Professional Experience: 18 Years  
  • Website Link:
  • Brand Country Name: China
  • Company Address: CN, Jiangsu, Yancheng, No. 8, Weisi Road, Gangzhong Sub-District Office, Yandu District


Senfu Carpet was created in 2006. His professional experience is satisfactory. This brand originated in China.

Why should you choose this brand?

  • To ensure that our customers receive high-quality products, we conduct all QC operations in BSCl.
  • You will receive 6 Different angles of 2d, 3d and design drawings within 48 hours.
  • We always strive to achieve the best possible pricing and occupy more marketing.
  • The second confirmation is based on the video quality and the final product before delivery.



  • At Senfu carpet, there are several products available.
  • Senfu always try to complete their Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR).
  • It is known for using high quality materials in the manufacturing process.


  • Printed Rug
  • Cowhide Rug
  • Shaggy Rug
  • Bath Mat

How can you contact this brand?

  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 0086-17767116183

4: Best Carpet Manufacturers: Shandong Sino Carpet Company Limited

  • Founded Year: 2018
  • Professional Experience: 6 Years
  • Website Link:
  • Brand Country Name: China
  • Company Address: No.1 Century Road, Laiwu High-tech Zone, Jinan City Shandong Province, China


Shandong Sino carpet was established in 2018. His work experience is good. This brand began in China.

Why should you choose this brand?

  • We are a large professional manufacturer with advanced equipment and over 10 years of export experience.
  • We have a first-class production system and a strict quality management system.
  • We offer convenient OEM and ODM services for our customers.
  • Our team of professionals is ready to offer you a comprehensive service.


  • We aim to build long-term, stable and mutually beneficial relationships around the globe with our customers.
  • Our warehouses are located all over the globe to promote our carpet products.
  • Sino carpet always delivers the product on a timely basis.


  • Carpet Tiles
  • Wall To Wall Carpet
  • Needled non-woven Carpet
  • Homogeneous PVC Flooring
  • SPC Flooring
  • Hot Selling

How can you contact this brand?

  • Phone Number: +86 13906345252
  • Email Address:

5: Best Carpet Manufacturers: Phenix Carpets

  • Founded Year: 1996
  • Professional Experience: 28 Years
  • Website Link:
  • Brand Country Name: India
  • Company Address: Near Railway station, Mondh road, Bhadohi ,Uttar Pradesh, India- 221402


Phenix Carpet debuted in 1996. His professional credentials are satisfactory. This brand originates in India.

Why should you choose this brand?

  • Phenix carpets offer a wide range of designs and sizes in stock, it is necessary to tailor a design to fit your space.
  • We can change the colour and material, the size of the pattern, and the shape of the carpet to suit a particular room or match an existing scheme.


  • Phenix Carpets uses advanced technologies to manufacture innovative, high-quality carpets with superior performance.
  • Phenix carpets are easy to maintain and clean thanks to their stain-resistant technology. They’re perfect for households with children or busy commercial spaces.
  • Phenix Carpets provide a soft and comfortable feel underfoot in both residential and commercial settings.


  • JUTE

How can you contact this brand?

  • Phone Number: +91 9108290630
  • Email Address:

6: Best Carpet Manufacturers: Jackson Carpet (Qingdao) Company Limited

  • Founded Year: 1998
  • Professional Experience: 26 Years
  • Website Link:
  • Brand Country Name: China
  • Company Address: No.116,LaoShan 1st Road,Economic Development Zone, Jimo District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China, 266200


In 1998, Jackson Carpet was set up. His work experience is outstanding. This brand began in China.

Why should you choose this brand?

  • Jackson Group has always adhered to the cooperative belief of Quality Assurance, Punctual delivery, Competitive price, Customer Satisfaction.
  • To achieve rapid and sustained development, it has always followed market rules and paid attention to scientific management.
  • Jackson continues to invest in equipment and introduce new production technologies with the help of international carpet companies. The quality and production technology have reached an international advanced level.


  • We focus on timely delivery, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction.
  • We adhere to market rules and prioritize scientific management. We aim for rapid and sustainable development.
  • The Jackson brand is well-known on the global market.


  • Kids Rug
  • Logo Mat
  • Golf Mat
  • Area Rug
  • Kitchen Mat
  • Stair Mat
  • Door Mat
  • Dart Mat
  • Motorcycle Mat
  • Shaggy Rugs
  • Christmas Mat
  • Commercial Floor Mat
  • Bath Mat
  • Runner Rugs

How can you contact this brand?

  • Mobile:+86 138 6981 0065

7:  Best Carpet Manufacturers: Shaw Carpets

  • Founded Year: 1946
  • Professional Experience:  78 Years
  • Website Link:
  • Brand Country Name: UK
  • Company Address: Factory Shop, Unit 1 & 2, Darton Business Park, Darton, Barnsley, S75 5NH


In 1946, Shaw Carpet came into being. His professional background is great. This brand was founded in the United Kingdom.

Why should you choose this brand?

  • The largest carpet and flooring selection in Yorkshire is available under one roof!
  • It is still a family-run business.
  • We understand that each customer is unique and has different needs, budgets, and quality requirements.
  • Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. Google Reviews are available.
  • Our team of experts are available to provide 24 hour fitting services.
  • Your carpet can be stored for free until you need it.


  • Shaw is a leader in the commercial carpet tile market.
  • Shaw Carpets offers a variety of styles, colors, and patterns.
  • Shaw offers a limited warranty on its commercial carpet products, ranging from 10 years up to a lifetime.


  • Carpets
  • Cushion Vinyl
  • Call & Collect

How can you contact this brand?

  • Telephone: 07376 952326
  • Email:

8: Best Carpet Manufacturers: Stanton Carpets

  • Founded Year: 1980
  • Professional Experience:  44 Years
  • Website Link:
  • Brand Country Name: USA
  • Company Address: 100 Sunnyside Blvd Extension, Suite 100, Woodbury, NY 11797


Stanton Carpets opened its doors in 1980. He has a good amount of professional experience. America is where this brand first emerged.

Why should you choose this brand?

  • Stantonis a leader in the flooring industry.
  • Stanton, a flooring company that is committed to providing the best customer service possible and unparalleled quality, is a great source for any flooring requirements.
  • We have a team of flooring experts who are here to help you on your journey to find the right solution for your space and style.


  • Stanton Carpets is known for its bright patterns, rich colours and heavy-weighted products.
  • They are perfect for any home because of their unique patterns and stylish designs.
  • Stanton is a leading manufacturer of quality decorative products and sells the best rugs, carpets and brands available.


  • Carpet
  • Stocked Area Rugs
  • Stanton Rug Co
  • Commercial Carpet
  • Luxury Vinyl
  • Luxury Vinyl Trim
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Tile

How can you contact this brand?

  • Phone Number: +17066249385
  • Email Address:

9: Best Carpet Manufacturers: Victoria Carpets

  • Founded Year: 1954
  • Professional Experience: 70 Years
  • Website Link:
  • Brand Country Name: Australia
  • Company Address: 7-29 Gladstone Road, Dandenong, VIC 3175, PO Box 388, Dandenong, VIC 3175


Victoria Carpets appeared in 1954. His work history is commendable. This brand has Australian roots.

Why should you choose this brand?

  • Victoria Carpets has significantly reduced its energy consumption per linear meter carpet produced in all of its production facilities over the last two decades.
  • Victoria Carpets has implemented Environmental and Quality Management Systems to ensure that we maintain the high standards to which Victoria Carpets has become accustomed.
  • Our products are certified through the Carpet Institute of Australia, as well as other internationally recognized bodies. This allows projects to accumulate points for green building schemes such greenstar.


  • Victoria Carpets has a rich history in carpet manufacturing.
  • They use years of experience to create high-quality products.
  • Victoria Carpets has a wide range of products available.
  • This allows customers to find the perfect carpet for their interior style and aesthetic preference.


  • All types of carpets.

How can you contact this brand?

  • Phone Number: +61 3 9794 5855
  • Email:

10: Best Carpet Manufacturers: Innovflor

  • Founded Year: 2004
  • Professional Experience: 20
  • Website Link:
  • Brand Country Name: China
  • Company Address: No. 3 Building, 38P, 5 Kechuang Street, Beijing, China 100000


Innovflor Carpets was initially established in 2004. His background in his field is remarkable. China is the country of origin for this brand.

Why should you choose this brand?

  • Attractive prices
  • Custom Options
  • Excellent materials
  • Factory direct pricing
  • Request for a low-order quantity
  • Personalised Service
  • Samples are available.
  • More than 20 years in business


  • Innovflor carpets have been designed to be easy to maintain. They often feature stain-resistant qualities and require simple cleaning. This ensures longevity and convenience for users.
  • Our product is also covered by a warranty.


  • Hand Tufted carpet
  • Axminster carpet
  • Carpet tile
  • Carpet tile Project

How can you contact this brand?

  • Phone Number: +86 13811908615
  • Email:

Pros and Cons of Carpet

In this area, you can discover advantages and disadvantages of carpet.


1: Surface of Carpet is Soft

Carpet is the most comfortable flooring choice. Carpets are a good choice for playrooms and bedrooms, as well as homes with toddlers who are learning to walk and spend a lot of their time on the floor.

2: It is perfect for winter

Carpets will provide warmth in colder climates that no other flooring can. Carpet is a good thermal insulator and will retain heat longer than other floor coverings.

3: Price is Cheap

Carpeting is usually cheaper than other types of flooring. Many home builders and purchasers are attracted to this because they have already spent a great deal on their new homes.

4: Several Types Available

There are thousands of carpet styles, patterns and designs. You can make your home more personal and unique by selecting a carpet that’s uniquely you.

5: It Covers Up Dirt

Carpeting can help to keep your home clean and tidy if you choose it strategically. It does need vacuuming and occasional care, but it is not as high-maintenance as people think.


1: Requires a lot of maintenance

Carpet fibers that are not regularly cleaned can harbour dust, dirt, and allergens, not to mention they can look dirty. According to your lifestyle, you may have to do a lot of maintenance on the carpeting. Carpet will require semi-regular cleaning by professionals and regular vacuuming.

2: Sensitivity

Carpet is a floor covering that is extremely sensitive due to its ability to quickly collect dirt and stains. After carpet installation, it is important to take the proper care.

3: Water damage is possible

Some fibers in carpets have been established to endure water and liquids. Wool is naturally water-resistant. However, if moisture leaks into the carpet and its support, mould and mildew will form, ruining your floor and possibly leading to health risks.

How to Identify the Best Quality Carpet for Your Bedroom?

Before buying the carpet, you need to consider these 5 tips. It is necessary and helps for choosing the best quality carpet for your bedroom.

1: Check the weight of the carpet

The weight of the carpet does not necessarily indicate its quality. The weight of the carpet pile or face weight per square yard is just one factor. This is not the only factor that determines durability. It is important to remember that a higher weight does not necessarily indicate a better product.

2: Check the density of the carpet

The density of the carpet is important to check. It plays a major role in its performance. The density is determined by the closeness of the fibres. Closely-adhered fibers means more fibres on the surface. Low density will severely compromise resistance. A higher density will also last longer.

3: Check Turns per Inch of the carpet

Turns per inch is the number of times fibres are twisted. The higher the quality, the more it will be twisted. To find out how many twists there are, you can either look at the carpet itself or ask the seller. You should consider these details if you insist on only choosing the best.

4: Select high quality material

Some are stain resistant. The other ones are durable and comfortable. It is important to choose the right material for your needs. You should choose the right material if you plan to use the flooring in a place where there will be a lot of people coming and going. The most common types of fibres are nylon, olefin polyester and wool.

5: Check the warranty of the product

It is important to check. Check if the carpet is covered by a warranty. The warranty relieves you of the maintenance burden. You won’t be left in the dark if your product wears out earlier than expected, or if there are any defects. The manufacturer’s warranty will cover everything. Also, be sure of the type of warranty. What problems are covered under warranty? Clarification is needed on these issues.

Final Thoughts

For many years, carpets have been the most popular option for bedrooms. Carpets are soft, comfortable, and cosy to walk on. They can also insulate and warm the room.  Families who are concerned about the warmth and comfort of their home will find carpet a great alternative. You can easily start your rug business with the help of these top 10 best carpet producers in the world. Grab a cup of tea and start reading this blog. You can get all the information about carpet.

We recommend that you connect with us to make your life easier. Sanda Orient works day and night on your product. Send us a message today and let’s connect. We will certainly get back to you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Carpet Manufacturers in the World

Q1: What is the average price of carpet?

According to a Forbes report, the average price of carpet is between 0.65$-12$ per square foot.

Q2: Which brand is most popular in the world of carpet?

Orient Sanda is the most popular brand in all over the world.

Q3: What is the strongest type of carpet?

Nylon carpet is considered the most durable type of carpet.



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